Advertising Opportunities Will Find a Wide Audience

Where to put your advertising dollars?

 Well, NB Hoops Report is making its mark in New Brunswick and beyond and if it's audience with a broad range you're seeking, you've come to the right place.

 NB Hoops Report has surpassed 353,000 unique viewers since it launched in November, 2016.

 It was also named Sport New Brunswick's Konica Minolta Sports Award winner for outstanding media coverage in 2018.

 With a wide-range of readership from teens to grandparents, it makes perfect sense for universities, restaurants, car dealerships, clothing and athletic stores to advertise on this very popular site.

 There are monthly, weekly and yearly advertising spots available.

 If you want to advertise with NB Hoops Report's wildly popular high school and university rankings page, you also have your company as part of the Tweet machine that is sent out to notify readers of updates.

NB Hoops Report has the market cornered when it comes to New Brunswick basketball from the youth level to post-secondary to national championships and many places in between.

 Companies like Valley Graphics in Fredericton, Kevin Barrett Photography and Michael Carter Graphic Design are on board for a mere fraction of what it would pay to advertise on radio or in newspapers and magazines.

 Contact for further information and jump on board. Or use the same address to send story ideas.

About NB Hoop Report

NB Hoops Report opened its electronic doors with an idea of promoting basketball and its various levels in order to fill a void across the province.

 The NB basketball community is a tight-knit, yet very competitive group, but there are plenty of provincial angles from players, teams, coaches, administrators and numerous other story ideas in between.

 We wanted to highlight the athletes NB is producing who are coaching or playing at the collegiate, university or professional levels. And at the high school and minor levels, too.

 Turns out, interest is high.

 Also turns out, NB has produced a number of quality athletes who have received training here and either remained in the province or moved elsewhere to coach or play.

 We have travelled many roads already with NB Hoops Report and try our best to cover the game from its many angles.

 Without help from many dedicated people, it would be difficult to make NB Hoops Report work.

 The editor of NB Hoops Report is Brad Janes of Fredericton. Janes worked with the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal and Saint John Times Globe for almost two decades. His work has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines across North America and he is former Atlantic Journalism Award finalist for his work as a feature writer. He covered professional hockey for 10 years as a beat writer and columnist and has also worked in radio and television.

  Others have contributed including our panel of high school ranking personalities who take the time on a volunteer basis to work with the results they have. Sure, some folks can get a little rankled if their team moved down or out, but the rankings are for debate and conversation only.

 Tremendous photographers have taken the site to another level.

 The entire idea behind the project is to promote and create awareness of New Brunswick basketball. If you have story ideas, if your company wants to advertise or if you have something on your mind, reach out to

 Please understand any emails to NB Hoops Report must include your name and address. You will be contacted if it warrants appearance on the Opinion page. Pseudonyms or unsigned, unsolicited emails will not receive response.

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